5 Reasons Mirrors Offer More Than Your Reflection

Dining Area Mirrors
Photo Source: Interiorish

Photo Source: Interiorish

I love incorporating mirrors in spaces and it’s not because I’m vain. Mirrors don’t have to always be about reflecting your smiling face. You can use mirrors to really transform and elevate a space. Here are 5 reasons mirrors can enhance your home.

  1. Enhance Light

A great way to brighten a space using the light that is already there is to add mirrors to enhance the lighting source.  If you love to see the sun and light the way I do, I know that you can appreciate how great natural light can make you feel in a room. Unfortunately, when you’re an urban dweller and you find that the windows are less than amazing (why aren’t floor to ceiling windows everywhere???) or nonexistent,  that  the sun is being blocked by another building or trees, or it’s simply not available because the sun just won’t reach your side, having the natural light in your space can be a challenge.  Adding mirrors can offer a solution.

Decorating with mirrors

Photo Source:

By adding a mirror opposite of the window, you create a light magnifying effect when the light bounces back from the reflection. If you don’t have a wall directly opposite of the window, add a mirror to the adjacent wall. Just make sure that you’re able to see the reflection of your window in the mirror wherever you place it.

When having natural light isn’t an option, mirrors can elevate the glow of lighting fixtures and lamplight.

Mirror in dining area

Photo Source:

Mirrors in bedroom

Photo Source: Michael Abrams Limited, Aldine Avenue

2. More Depth

Use mirrors to make a space feel visually deeper. Using mirrors in a dark, crowded hallway can instantly make the space feel open instead of tight and closed in.


mirrored wall

Photo Source: Architecture Design

Add depth of light in an entryway.

entryway mirror

Photo Source: Donna Griffith

3. Creates the Illusion of More

As mentioned, mirrors can enlarge a space. Using mirrors in a space that feels cramped or small can be expanded with the use of full mirrored walls or large mirrors. Aside from adding the illusion of more space, mirrors can give the illusion of a window gateway.

Mirror illusion

Photo Source:


Dining room mirror

Photo Source: Interiorish

4. Makes a Focal Point

Mirrors can be used entirely for decorative effect. Sunburst mirrors, like the in the image below, are a popular decorative element that can be used in the home. Adding a mirror to a barren wall will immediately capture the eye and create a central focus area in the space.

decorative mirror

Photo Source: Home Spirations


bedroom mirrors

Photo Source: Interiorish

You can also enhance an existing focal point with mirrors. Fireplaces are generally points of strong focus. Instead of hanging a piece of art above the mantle, a wall mounted mirror can really make the fireplace area pop.

Photo Source:Rinfret Ltd.

Photo Source:Rinfret Ltd.

Practioners of feng shui believe that adding mirrors about the fireplace is excellent for the follow of energy in a room. Fireplaces add positive energy in the room, and this energy is bounce about by the mirrors. The use together creates a continuous flow of energy.

5. Add Your Style

Mirrors can be used just to reflect your personal style.  Using mirrors don’t need to be function, but they can be used simply because you like the way they look, period.

Mirrors can instantly had an element of glamour and luxe to a room.

Mirrored vanity

Photo Source: LampsPlus


Aside from adding a luxurious feel to a space, framed mirrors can be used to influence the style of the room. From causal to formal, traditional to rustic, mirrors can be used as an accent in any style.

Photo Source: Interiorish

Photo Source: Interiorish


Rustic Mirror

Rustic Mirror

Driftwood Mirror Photo Source: Indulgy

Driftwood Mirror
Photo Source: Indulgy

Mirrors as wall decoration

Photo Source: Ballard Designs


Photo Source: Interiorish

Photo Source: Interiorish

How do you feel about mirrors? Do you like to use them in your room design? Have you found other ways to use mirrors to change the vibe of a room? I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.

Sending you dreamy bliss,


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