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9 Affordable Balcony Must Haves For Relaxing Bliss

Summer is unofficially upon us. Hooray for warm nights, fresh air, stars in the sky, cocktails, good books and quiet time on the balcony. Having my own little balcony in an urban town is a little luxury that I find hard to live without. Being able to come home after a hectic commute and sit on my slice of bliss is definitely a small pleasure of mine.

It doesn’t matter how large or tiny your balcony/patio space is. There are affordable finds that you can add to create your relaxation oasis outdoors even if you are an urban dweller.  Here are nine items that can instantly transform your spot so that you’ll actually want to rest outside. Small balcony decor

1.  Loveseat Cushion | 2. Chair | 3. Coffee Table | 4. Glider Loveseat | 5. Outdoor Rug

6. Chair Cushion | 7. Maui Accent Pillow | 8. Birch Accent Pillow | 9. Bisque Accent Pillow


I know that balconies and patios come in all shapes and sizes depending on your building. If your space is super tight, less is more. Avoid larger pieces like love seats and instead opt for chairs and stools.

Feeling like you’re out in the open and everyone can see you? Add some greenery. Planters and potted trees can hide you in the shadows and offer coziness and shade.  Don’t have a green thumb? A couple of outdoor curtain panels can easily give you the privacy that you crave.



Suspending your panels from a rope can save you the hassle of having to find hardware to hang and mount rods. It also makes it easier to pull down the panels when the season’s over or when you’re ready to move.

Urban Balcony Design

Photo: The Home Depot Blog

Are you excited about spending nights outside on your balcony? What do you have in your space? Let me know!


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