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Dreams Reality Bliss, a place to explore interior design, art, and other beautiful places & things in life through the eyes of a creative.

Dana Renee is the founder, editor, and creative director of Dreams Reality Bliss. Founded in 2015, Dreams Reality Bliss, is Dana Renee’s creative outlet to catalog and explore her passion for interior design, art, and the other beautiful places and things in life. She hopes to inspire others to find their dreamy bliss in the midst of the everyday realities of life.

Dana was born and raised in central Virginia, which she credits as an influence in her warm, simplistic approach to design and life. Watching her mother rearrange furniture and swap out linens & drapery with the turn of the seasons in their family home to just “change things up” unknowingly gave her an introductory course in space planning and design. Dana credits her mother with her ability to make the best out of any space and to create beauty with what you have, wherever you are.

With a design philosophy centered around love, Dana believes that if you really love it, you can make it work. “If you don’t love it, don’t buy it!” is the advice that Dana has given to her friends for years on everything from a new lamp to a new pair of shoes. Dana advises all of her clients to do the same with their spaces and projects. Dana believes that the only way to really have dreamy bliss is to be surrounded by things that are meaningful and really add something to your life. Dana’s design approach is to use the things that her clients’ love when creating comfortable, layered spaces that truly reflects their lifestyles, personalities, and tastes.

Dana’s background is completely left of art and design… literally; it’s in the left hemisphere of her brain! She has worked in the worlds of business and law for several years. Dana holds a BS in business from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD; a MBA from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA; and a JD from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C. Her ability to marry logic, reasoning, and critical thinking with her natural creativity and her love for color and imagery, make her an incredible designer, problem solver, and project manager on each of her creative projects.

Dana Renee currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area where monuments to Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Lincoln are fixtures in her daily commute. When she’s not in the “la-law world” as she calls it, you can find Dana Renee adding beauty to the world – designing a new space, directing a creative project, or painting. Otherwise,  she can be found enjoying good food and drinks with her loved ones, spending time with her sweet furbaby Bria, and figuring out new places to get her toes in the sand.

Contact Dana Renee about brand partnerships, sponsored content, and freelance writing opportunities by e-mailing dana@dreamsrealitybliss.com.


Dana Renee’s Favorite Things

Favorite things

The Color Purple (Dark Purple is a fave AND yes, the movie by the same name is cool too!) *

French 95 Cocktails * Her Maltese, Bria * Chocolate Ice Cream (in a cup, not a cone), and the Beach… where she can listen to the sea


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