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The Dog Days of Summer

This edition of Soul Sparkle is for those who love to keep fury friends in our homes.  As you know, I have a Maltese and I don’t have to tell you pet loves out there how having a pet can really make anywhere feel like home.  Pets shower us with love which adds to our feng shui lives. They bring incredible flowing energy into our home, helping us to relax, feel happy, and they help to stir stagnant energy in our spaces.

As we continue to enjoy the summer, I’d like to focus on the “Pet Space” in our homes.  With the warmer weather, it is important to keep our fury friends cool. (Although I’m partial to dogs, many of these tips can be used to help keep cats, birds and/or other fury critters (gerbils, hamsters, rats, etc.) cool too.)

dog cooling bed

Cool Bed/ Cooling Mats are great for pet comfort.  These come in an array of colors from various companies. Take the time to find the color that will blend in or complement your existing room décor.

Pet-cooling bedThis bed will occupy a particular space in your room (even if you store it away when not in use). There’s no reason to not treat it as a room accessory.

Pet-Therapeutics-TheraCool-Cooling-Gel-Pet-Bed-Speaking of home accessories now is a great time to buy those curtains that you’ve been eyeballing. Drawing your curtains during the day will help a room remain cool for your pet. If your pet is confined to a single room, a crate, or cage, they may not have the luxury of moving to another spot to escape the sunspots throughout the day.


An added bonus, you could save on your energy bill too! See those curtains are already paying for themselves.

A crate/cage cooling fan can be added to your pet’s personal space.

cage fanIf you’re worried about the aesthetics of seeing the fan, invest in a crate/cage cover to help mask it. The cover will distract the eye from focusing in on the fan, just don’t cover it!

cabana-for-dogs-coastal living

We love to spend time outside on our balconies, patios, and/or yards. Your dog wants to enjoy the fun, so make it comfortable for your pet too.

Bring the cooling mat outside.

Outdoor dog cooling mat

If you have space, had a small padding pool that will allow your dog to hop in for a cool dip.

Most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen! We know that we need to protect our skin but our fury friends need sun protection too.

What are some things that help you with keeping your pet cool and comfortable during these summer days? Tell me all about in the comments!

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