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Mexico Interior Style

Continuing our focus on the country of Mexico, our latest post focuses Mexico interior design. The beauty of this style is that it leaves one with a lot of creative liberties. Mexican design can feel eclectic, it can feel warm and rustic with its use wood tones, pottery clay, and heavy use of earth tones throughout.  Or it can be taken in the direction of using very bright, vivid colors on fabric, walls, and accessories.

This wide-ranging variety of design elements is not surprising. Mexican design is a blend of several styles including strong infusions of Spanish Colonial, Santa Fe, Old West/Southwest/Texas, Tuscan & Mediterranean, as well as elements germane to the native Mayan and Aztec tribes.

Below we feature five simple items that can be added to your space and instantly add a Mexico-inspired flair.


To bring hints of Mexico-inspired flair into your space, the key is in the selection of patterns and color.  Here, we’ve used a beautiful Sienna colored leather sofa as the neutral backdrop for the room. This rich brown color instantly adds warmth to the room. If opting to incorporate this design in a bedroom setting, simply swap out the leather sofa with a leather headboard in the same rich, cognac color.

Leather Headboard

Next, we found an Aztec inspired rug, with contrasting shades of blue alternating with shades of taupe to bring a bit of serenity and calm.

The lamp that was selected is made of slate and copper. The subtle tones in this lamp tie in both the brown from the sofa and the blue from the rug.

Continuing the Aztec print, we opted for two throw pillows. The orange and blue print, once again tie into both the rug and the sofa. Alternatively, we can use this neutral lumbar pillow alone to complement the design.

With these simple finds,  you can bring Mexico into your home until your next travel adventure!

Sending you dreamy bliss,



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