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México! Last month I escaped to Cabo San Lucas with my bestie for a mid-winter vacation. Anyone who knows me, knows that winters are usually hard for me to tolerate. I’d looked forward to this trip for weeks knowing that I would escape to a warm, sunny place, with a beach… my peace place! 

Into San Jose Cabo we flew, and immediately the change of scenery lifted my soul. Gone was the cold, dreary rain of D.C. replaced with the dry deserted landscape. This was my first visit to Mexico and I was excited to take in the new sights and culture. While most of my time was spent bathing in the warm sun, I was afforded an opportunity to dabble a bit in my love of architecture, art, and design.

This next series of posts have been inspired by my Mexican getaway. The excursions and experiences  that I enjoyed there not only gave me the must needed rest and restoration, but it provided me with inspiration to learn more about the art and design influences attributed to Mexican-born natives as well as the colors and scenery of this beautiful country.

In the coming posts, we’ll explore some of the things that piqued my curiosity and prompted a new surge of creativity within me.

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