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“Nature’s Neutral”

pantone greenery 2017


When Pantone announced its 2017 Color of the Year earlier this month, Greenery, it couldn’t have come at a better moment in life.  The color green is symbolic of many things – restoration, fresh beginnings, nature, life, growth, the environment, etc. As we mark the close of 2016, how amazing is it to have a color that reminds us to pause and take note of what’s around us.

In the essence of our souls, green represents health and growth. At the start of a new year, many will go one to set resolutions to improve their health, to get fit, or to learn a new skill. It’s a time of the year where we begin reflection, restoration, reconnection, and rejuvenation of self.


pantone greenery 2017

“Nature’s Neutral”

Described by Pantone as “nature’s neutral,” Greenery is nature’s staple color. It’s always with us in both the physical and spiritual world. With the emergence of spring and summer, we begin to see the bright green buds on trees and blades of grass. There’s an energy of freshness and life after a cold, harsh winter. Even in the fall and winter, when things begin to die and are covered with snow, green still pokes through on shrubbery and evergreens.  It’s ever present.



For those who aware of the seven chakras, green also represents the heart chakra; the chakra in the middle of our bodies through which the energies of love, joy, and peace can flow through.


Greenery is about simplicity. It is a reminder that that we don’t need much. Less can be more.  “Being green” is an expression known to be associated with the preservation of the environment and natural resources/habitats. It’s about only getting the things that we love and making those things last.

Green is beautiful and pure on its own.

Gone are Rose Quartz and Serenity of last year. So long to a political season marked by red and blue!

I’m looking forward to 2017 and all that it has in store. I can’t wait to see what new trends will emerge as we begin to see in the art and design world starting feeling “greenery.”

Here are a few illustrations in home décor and fashion, where I’m loving the greenery.


collage 2017 pantone color greenery

1. Dress | 2. Earrings | 3. Necklace | 4. Bracelet | 5. Pashmina | 6. Pillows (green chevron, white chevron, white embroidered) | 7. Lamp | 8. Phone Case | 9. Shoes | 10. Sofa



How do you feel about the color Greenery? Do you plan to use it your home or closet this year? Let me hear all about it below.

As always, sending you dreamy bliss,


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