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Solaz Los Cabos

During my recent travels in Los Cabo, I was afforded an opportunity to do a site visit to a new resort under construction – Solaz Los Cabo.   While many luxury vacation resorts often offer many onsite amenities to lure clientele (which you will certainly find here too), the nature environment of Solaz is the key here. Situated in the semi-desert environment of Baja Sur California, visitors will find a property that strives to blend in perfectly with the landscape.…

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Interiors Trends + Style

What’s Your Style? :: Modern

Featured Image Credit:Β Almrsal Modern Interior Design Modern design is all about clean, fresh, and uncluttered spaces. Marked with straight-lines, furniture is simple and sleek. Β The use of color is very sparse. Walls are a solid color (white is pretty popular), no fussy wallpaper or ornate fabrics. This is in stark contrast with our previous featured style, “traditional.” The integration of textures is also limited. Often times floors are bare, but if area rugs are used, they are a solid neutral…

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