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Traditional style decor is classic, a throwback to old and making it like new again. Having grown up in the South, I have memories of each of my grandmothers’ homes with traditional styled parlor-like or sitting rooms for company. Some of these sitting rooms were your typical living room space while others doubled as a living room and quasi-dining room area. My mind immediately goes to memories of fringed curtains with tassel tiebacks. Pillows on sofas were also fringed with very heavy fabrics.  I also recall the antiqued finished family album walls throughout the hallways, and antiqued finished mirrors sprinkled around.


Source: – Traditional Style 101



Here’s a bit about “Traditional” style:



Traditional styled rooms can tend to feel really formal, but they don’t have to be. You can add comfort to the space by keeping accessories minimal and by sticking to a few colors in your palette.


Source: TraditionalHome Designer: Julie Dodson

Source: TraditionalHome Designer: Julie Dodson


Source: Traditional Homes Designer: Lori Tippins

Source: Traditional Homes Designer: Lori Tippins

Source: Traditional Homes Interior Design: Amy Bergman Architect: Linda MacArthur

Source: Traditional Homes
Interior Design: Amy Bergman
Architect: Linda MacArthur


I absolutely adore the room designed above. This space uses a good choice of fabrics and antiqued candle holders and framed portraits. However, the use of light airy colors combined with more modern geometric prints, this traditional room is formal but inviting and comfortable too.

Traditional interior design doesn’t have to be stuffy or overly luxurious. And even though my first introduction to traditional design was at the hands of my southern grandmothers, it’s doesn’t mean that traditional style equals grandma.  Traditional style doesn’t equal “southern living” either. Traditional style is about capturing the essence of the this period and having fun with detailed prints or accessories. Head on over to your local flea market, or estate/yard sale and see what cool discoveries you can make and use in your space.

Is your style more traditional? What elements of traditional style do you find yourself adding to your room? I’d love to hear!



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      Thanks so much for the positivity! I really appreciate you for stopping by. Please come back often! 🙂